UAE Golden Visa | Minimum Down Payment Required to To Get UAE Golden Visa?

Dubai drops Dh1 million down payment for Golden Visa eligibility

Government has eased the criteria for real estate investors.The owner can apply for the 10-year residency regardless of the amount paid upfront, an executive explained

In a recent update, Dubai's Golden Visa requirements for property buyers have undergone a significant revision, making it more accessible for investors. The previous mandatory minimum down payment of Dh1 million has been eliminated, allowing greater flexibility for potential residents.

Under the revised criteria, property owners looking to secure the Golden Visa can apply for the 10-year residency even if the property's value exceeds Dh2 million and they choose a payment plan or mortgage. This adjustment opens up opportunities for a wider range of investors, as the upfront payment amount no longer determines eligibility for the long-term visa.

This change reflects the government's commitment to promoting real estate investment and attracting a diverse pool of international buyers to Dubai. The more inclusive approach aims to stimulate economic growth and further establish Dubai as a global hub for investment and residency.

As always, it is advisable for interested parties to stay updated on any further developments or nuances in the Golden Visa program to ensure accurate and timely information for their investment decisions.

The payment plays a big part in the timeline too. If you're a financed seller dealing with a financed buyer, the sale can take approximately 8 weeks. For a financed buyer and cash seller or vice versa, the process can take about 6 weeks – while a cash buyer and cash seller would be looking at an estimated 1-4 weeks.

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All Golden Visa holders, owners can sponsor their spouses, children and parents for the same 10-year period.

We Found this news on Khaleej Times that the minimum payment of Dh1 million is no longer required. The eligibility criterion is now only that the property should meet a value of Dh2 million or more for investors to obtain the Golden Visa. "There is no minimum equity investment,".

Stephenson highlighted a significant shift in Dubai's Golden Visa eligibility, emphasizing that the recent changes make the visa accessible to a broader demographic.

With the removal of the Dh1 million minimum down payment requirement, now anyone with a mortgage can apply for the 10-year residency. According to Stephenson, paying in 20 percent of the property's value, a common practice for mortgage buyers, would render them eligible for the Golden Visa.

This adjustment is expected to benefit a vast majority of property buyers and end-users, essentially opening up the Golden Visa option to nearly everyone who has invested in a property valued at more than Dh2 million in Dubai.

Payment plans for Dubai-based homes range from 1 per cent monthly to five- to 25-year schemes after an initial down payment. When it comes to mortgages, up to 80 per cent of property value can be financed.

Meanwhile, the “excellent government initiative” would help boost the property market, “This enables us to have positive conversations with potential clients, especially from overseas, and help them get on the property ladder and obtain a visa even quicker with a minimal investment,”

“To buy a property worth Dh2 million, but you don’t have to hold equity of the same value is such a great worth. Example “If you buy an off-plan unit, you just need to pay the down payment, which for some is only Dh50,000, and be eligible for a golden visa.”

Before this, investors needed to have equity in the property over a certain value to be eligible for a golden visa

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The Golden Visa is available to various categories of applicants. The categories for the Golden Visa include: Investors, Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Scientists, Creatives (Art & Culture), Inventors, Executive Directors, Specialists in priority educational fields, Sports Professionals, PhD Holders, Specialized in engineering or science, High School Graduates and University Graduates.

Golden Visa holders benefit from long-term residency in the UAE, offering greater stability and peace of mind, enabling them to invest and build fulfilling, long-lasting careers in the country.Golden Visa holders are able to sponsor family members, dependents, as well as senior employees, depending on the nature and eligibility of sponsorship determined by each visa category..

Launched by the UAE government, the system for long-term residence visas enables successful applicants to reside in the UAE without a UAE national sponsor.These visas are issued for ten years — depending on the category.

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